Working through Writer’s Block

I don’t know how to get past the rut I’m in with Warriors of Greecium. I don’t know what needs to be written for the story to progress. I don’t know what doesn’t need to be written because it won’t add anything to the story. No one can help with this either. I think that’s the most frustrating part. Knowing that I’m the only person who can figure out this mess I’ve created. I just have to keep thinking on it until I find the solution. There’s no magic wizard or fairy I can summon and ask for guidance, although writing would be much easier if there were.

Writing young Cyrena is boring right now because it’s a lot of explaining how the world works and how Cyrena discovers her true identity. How can I make that interesting? Maybe I can change from her perspective to Thalia’s. Thalia could remain a mysterious character until the end of the first book. Writing from her perspective, I could say things like she’s on a mission to learn more about the warriors, more specifically the Fire warriors because they are the ones mistreating humans so much. During her investigations she could see Cyrena. Wait, maybe they can meet, but not know who they are until they’re older. Did I just find a way out of this mess? I absolutely did!

So, it’s Thalia’s perspective. She will be roughly the same age as Cyrena maybe a year or two older. How would they meet? Maybe during a festival. Maybe when Cyrena is out doing errands for her mom or something along those lines. Oh! It could be when she’s heading out to see her dragon. What would they talk about? It would have to be something memorable so when they meet again, Cyrena would recognize her face and be brought back to the memory.

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