Character Building Exercise Continued

Later that night, Thanatos sat in Apollo‚Äôs house. Apollo tolerated Thanatos more than the other gods did. Apollo understood that in order for a world to be completely balanced, it must have a source of life and a source of death. He also knew that Thanatos cared more for peace than chaos, so Apollo was friendlyContinue reading “Character Building Exercise Continued”

Character Building Exploration

**Author’s Note – I wrote this to help myself explore these two characters and their back stories. This beginning part of Thanatos’ story happens about sixteen years before the series Warriors of Greecium takes place. Hope you enjoy this unedited sneak peak. ** Thanatos was sitting in a cushioned rocking chair, and a chubby blackContinue reading “Character Building Exploration”

Voices of A Family

Nights left alone, whispered screams reaching through walls to young ears. Mother, eyes glued to screens, body morphed to cushion. A sharp tongue cuts at the little voice tugging on soft sleeves. Father, beer cans, whiskey bottles white knuckled. Cigarette in one corner, joint in the other. Ravings of madman answer the little voice atContinue reading “Voices of A Family”