Changing for the better

My husband, Peter, I spent almost two hours discussing Greecium. We dove into many world building concepts that I never thought to think about, or had thought about and said I would think more on it later only never returned to the idea. It was a fantastic and productive conversation that lead to many breakthroughs for the world of Greecium. The biggest one, I think, was him suggesting that inside of trying to force character A to fit into a mold I thought of years ago, I switch character A with character B. So, I would keep almost everything for the story the same but swap the names. When he first mentioned it, my immediate thought was “I could never! The story has always involved character A in this key role, I could never write the story with character B taking that role.” I started to say just that, but I stopped myself before the first word ever escaped my mouth. My mind raced to see how the switch would work. Everything I had written up to that point, I imagined it with character B in the role. I was surprised to find that it made more sense with Peter’s suggestion. After another second to imagine the rest of the story this way, I found that I actually liked having character B in this role instead. It just made more sense and made the story more natural.

I realized a while later that if Peter had mentioned that to me two or three years ago, I would have scoffed at him. I would’ve told him he was crazy to ever think the two characters could reverse their roles in my story. I’m so thankful for this suggestion, though. I’m happy to make the switch. I think that willingness to change this major part of the story comes from the confidence I have now as a writer. I understand now that there are ideas for my stories that I’ll want to work but might end up hurting the story in the long run. I understand now that it’s incredibly important for me as a writer to realize there are parts to my story that will not make sense, so I need to reevaluate them and change them as necessary. I’ve learned how to acknowledge my weaknesses and ask myself or trusted others how to work past my weaknesses.

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