Sneak Peak into “Warriors of Greecium”

**Author’s note-It is a rough draft of the very beginning of Warriors of Greecium. Hope you enjoy this little teaser!** Cyrena’s heart thundered against her ribs. She hoped with every part of her being that she was blessed with the power of fire. She would be crushed if Ares didn’t bless this power onto her. All she ever wantedContinue reading “Sneak Peak into “Warriors of Greecium””

Writing Confession

I love writing. It allows me to explore my thoughts and imagination. On the outside, writing may seem like an easy thing for some people. But in reality, writing can have it’s difficult moments, just like every other job. There are going to be days when the task of writing feels like an impossible thingContinue reading “Writing Confession”

Tales from a Shot Glass-Part Four

**Author’s Note-Check out parts one, two, and three from the previous weeks to catch up if you haven’t yet. Thank you everyone, for staying tuned throughout this essay. I hope you enjoy the conclusion!** “I must have been somewhere in my early teens when I was confined to my bed with the worst intestinal painsContinue reading “Tales from a Shot Glass-Part Four”