Writing Confession

I love writing. It allows me to explore my thoughts and imagination. On the outside, writing may seem like an easy thing for some people. But in reality, writing can have it’s difficult moments, just like every other job. There are going to be days when the task of writing feels like an impossible thing to do, and there will be days when a writer may blink, and they’ve written over a thousand words.

My writing confession is that I haven’t written anything for a few days. You might gasp and think “She stopped writing? What for? Does this mean she’s done writing for good?” I’ll never be done writing for good. Being a writer will always be part of who I am, so I’ll never stop writing as long as I’m alive. However, a few days ago, I pulled up my manuscript to continue the chapter I left off on. I stared at the words. I read them over and over, trying to will my fingers to move along the keyboard. Nothing happened. I stared some more, and then told myself I needed a break and would get back to it later that day. I didn’t get back to. Often when I find myself at a loss in my story, it’s because I’m not sure where the story will go, or what needs to happen to move the story along. Usually I need a day or two to think about the moment in the story where I left off. This often involves my husband and I talking about Warriors of Greecium. Honestly, it’s more like I mention that I’m having a tough time getting through something in the story, and Peter will just start asking me questions. They’re questions that get me thinking more critically about my story, and those questions usually work in getting me back to writing. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t feel like I was able to keep writing. I was still at a loss. So, I left the story alone for a few more days.

I felt a complete lack of creativity that day. It felt like my imagination was hiding when I tried to jump back into my story. My mind was full of distractions. No matter how hard I tried, or how much I wanted to, I couldn’t write my story. Now, it’s been at least five days that I haven’t written anything. This invaded my thoughts a lot while I was walking this afternoon. I kept thinking about how I need to keep writing, even if it’s a rough three hundred words in a journal entry. Because when you push yourself to write even when you don’t really want to, you keep the creativity and the words flowing. When you stop even for a day, it can be difficult to start back up again. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m trying to get the words flowing again so that I can find myself back in my story with the characters I love.

I was finally able to get back into the flow. It felt like I was dragging my feet because the first day I wrote maybe one-hundred words. I told myself that was a hell of a lot better than the zero words I wrote the many days before. The next day I wrote a little bit more, and the next a little bit more until I was back to my usual three-hundred words.

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